Painting these watercolours of Danbury just a few days before my 83rd birthday was reason enough for me to reflect on my many years of travel in this great county.

My first visit to Danbury or should I say our first visit after Joan and I were married and moved to the county over half a century ago was to Danbury Park.

With Joan’s mum we did no more than slowly walk around the lakes and then drive home again.

How much more we now know of the immense beauty of this captivating village.

Apart from the wonderful architecture, village pond and beautiful common featured in these watercolours we have come to love so much the fabulous surrounding countryside, particularly the magnificent River Chelmer.

Between Paper Mill and Hoe Mill Locks can be seen on the opposite bank to the footpath, the spellbinding scene of Ulting Church within the trees.

A view alone I believe, that renders the River one of natural outstanding beauty.

A very popular spot at the crossroads in the village centre.

With the simplified wide landscape to the left, indicating the village sits on a hilltop

A lovely wonderful village sign indicating everything it needs to say.

Something different with dense winter woodland showing the pathway as the focal point.

A lovely view well known to me. Many times I demonstrated watercolour painting in the church hall behind the trees on the left.

With not only beautiful flowers, but next door photographs of local tempting properties for sale.

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