This month I celebrate 20 years of painting watercolour scenes from the county for publication in Essex Life Magazine.

What an enormous privilege it has been, with many pleasures gained in different ways.

The joy of painting over 200 towns, villages and hamlets from throughout this beautiful county, meeting so many wonderful people and not least the remarkable feedback I have received over the years.

Beautiful Blackmore is the perfect location where I can reflect on not only painting it’s beauty, but also receiving extra joy from it’s publication.

I first featured the village some years ago when I was contacted by a reader, not only interested in Blackmore’s Post Office featured in that issue but enlightened me on some of it’s history.

Somewhat a coincidence is that only recently I received an email from a lady contacting me on behalf of her mother. Not only was she interested in ‘Great Leigh’s Post Office’ published in January 2024 but also sent me some unique and historic photographs of the premises with the owners (her grandparents) from 1939. Fabulous photographs I very much appreciated.

As I have said it’s been an enormous privilege over 20 years.

Returning to my thoughts of Blackmore, I can only say that it’s a remarkable and stunningly beautiful village and as always your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The cottage facing the green together with the pond is a much loved location and high point of Blackmore's beauty. 

Situated in a peaceful tranquil churchyard at the edge of the village. Much visited by walkers along the St. Peters way.

Much more that a picturesque cottage with, local artwork, antiques and tea and cakes on offer to visitors. 

A beautifully crafted model of the church erected on a sturdy post in the churchyard.

Among the most picturesque of the many timber framed and colour washed buildings in the village.

The 'pagoda' like timber construction a masterpiece of building work from a time without mechanical machinery.

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