Chrissi Rix is well-known in Norfolk as an image consultant and fashion stylist, with more than 
30 years’ experience of helping women to feel fabulous. 
But, as she’s learned from working with clients over the decades, looking great isn’t just about what you’re wearing – it comes from within. 
Life can get on top of you, and if you’re feeling worried, anxious, overwhelmed, you’re not sleeping or your self-esteem is low, it can seem hard to feel good, let alone look good. 
Which is why Chrissi is taking image consultancy to a whole new holistic level and has launched Woman’s Wellbeing. 
‘Life throws a lot of challenges at us, doesn’t it?’ says Chrissi. ‘And I think that women in  particular have a lot of challenges. 
‘Having done styling for so very long, you develop a relationship with a person, and they start to tell you about what’s going on in their lives and their world.
‘I felt that a lot of what I did wasn’t just about the external look, it was about what 
was happening within, how they felt about themselves and confidence level, their self-esteem, things they’re going through in their life – they’ve perhaps had cancer or are going through a divorce or bereavement or menopause. 
‘And I began to feel that there was a need for more of a holistic approach, working with 
the inner mind as well.’ 
So, through a company called Chrysalis, Chrissi has gained accredited qualifications 
in hypnotherapy counselling and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – two powerful tools which can help people make positive changes in their lives. 
‘It’s enhancing what I do to a completely different level. I used to do a lot of listening, but now I can do a lot more than that,’ says Chrissi.
Everyone is different, so Chrissi takes a completely bespoke approach when working with her clients.
It’s a supportive space, and at an initial consultation clients are encouraged to explain, if they can, what is troubling them, what they would like to change and what that change would mean to their life.
'For example, they might have some self-esteem counselling, they might have some weight 
loss therapy or hypnotherapy and work with the mind first and then we would move on to 
image consultancy. 
‘And that’s not just about clothes – if people want to change their hair or their make-up, 
for example, I have a bible of specialists that I work with.’ 
Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for treating conditions such as anxiety and low 
self-esteem or changing habits – giving up smoking, for example. 
It’s a world away from stage hypnotherapy – ‘there’s no making people cluck like a 
chicken,’ says Chrissi. 
During a session, the person receiving treatment is put into a deeply relaxed state, 
in a safe space. 
While they are in that relaxed state the hypnotherapist will make suggestions related 
to what they want to achieve. 
It is something that has helped Chrissi personally. 
‘It’s been quite a revelation to me, I think I’m more relaxed – you almost absorb it 
yourself by doing it. I’m more centred, more confident. I think it’s had a really good effect 
on me and I’ve really enjoyed the process of learning, growing and seeing its effect 
on others. 
‘It makes you change as a person, but in a very positive way. I feel happier with simpler 
things. It’s very good for the soul.’ 

Great British Life: Chrissi Rix aims to help women navigate  life’s challenges and feel great inside and out
As well as continuing her studies and gaining further qualifications so that she 
can expand the support she gives to clients, Chrissi is hoping to work with the charity 
Big C and become a service provider on their wellness programme to help people having 
cancer treatment with relaxation, confidence building and image consultancy. 
Speaking to Chrissi is inspiring. She is a person who grabs life and all its opportunities 
– and she wants to empower other women to do the same. And as she approaches a 
milestone birthday, one message she is keen to get across is that it’s never too late 
to change the path that you’re on. 
She says: ‘I’m 60 this month and I’m embracing the fact that it’s a new 
decade, a new dawn, a new horizon, a new direction that I want to take 
things in. I’m excited about it and I’m finding seeing people’s transformations 
incredibly rewarding.’ 
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