Award-winning Brobuild rebrands to Brace Creative Agency

"We are so proud of the business we have created and built over the last 10 years that we wanted to

"We are so proud of the business we have created and built over the last 10 years that we wanted to put the Bracey family name to it." - Credit: Archant

Brace yourselves: Gloucester based, award winning Brobuild have rebranded to the new name of Brace Creative Agency. Now the agency is stronger than ever...

Nick and Mitch Bracey, Brace Creative Agency

Nick and Mitch Bracey, Brace Creative Agency - Credit: Archant

In the beginning, Brobuild was the perfect name; brothers, who build websites. It couldn’t be more straight-forward than that. But as times have changed so have they. Over their ten years in business, the agency has grown to include experts in graphic design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing as well as bespoke website design. Brace are a powerful design, marketing and web agency, offering businesses a complete creative solution, with family remaining at the centre of who they are.

We asked the team at Brace about their rebrand and new name: “To us; Brace means support, strength and family. We are so proud of the business we have created and built over the last 10 years that we wanted to put the Bracey family name to it. All artists sign their work. Signing your name holds you responsible, and signing our family name even more so.”

The agency began because Nick and Mitch Bracey believed there was a place and a need for a marketing agency who truly and deeply cared for their customers, implementing the family values of trust, respect and loyalty into the world of business. It became the brothers’ mission to shed out the stigma of the cold functionality people had come to expect from a marketing agency, and reinstate a personalised, local service.

“We’ve put our family name above our doors as a constant reminder of our values. So when anyone asks us ‘Why Brace?’ we have a meaningful story behind the name, which we can all connect with. Everyone will understand what is important to us and our reason for being.”

Their approach:

• Building meaningful relationships

• Empowering individuality

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• Creating bespoke solutions

“A ‘brace’ is something which provides support and strength. We believe in the power of supportive relationships. People do business with people, and building strong relationships is always the first step. We listen and partner with our clients rather than analyse and tell. The service we provide is an ongoing conversation, allowing us to create bespoke products that truly reflect your business and brand, which we value as highly as our own.”

“Many of our clients are local Gloucestershire businesses. We help them thrive through transforming their online and offline presence by building meaningful relationships and connections with each other and their customers. This connection between us, businesses, and the local community is represented in the linked ‘ac’ of our logo.”

Success by design

The success of the rebrand has allowed the Brace team to grow even further, with Nikki Budding joining them as their Business Development Manager; a design and print expert, who can help businesses take their marketing to the next level. You can contact Nikki and the rest of the team by emailing

“Whether you require digital marketing, bespoke web development, branding, graphic design or print work, we have an expert ready to work with you. We invite you to work with us as our new brand, Brace.”

Visit the Brace Creativity Agency website here.

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