How an IT service can help your business grow

Conference room at JC Designs Ltd, Braintree

JC Designs Ltd offers a wide array of IT support and software development services for clients in a range of sectors. - Credit: JC Designs Ltd

Technology is a crucial component of all modern businesses – it's what keeps your company functioning, expanding and thriving.  

JC Designs Ltd, an IT and software support company in Braintree, fully understand the importance of keeping your technology up-to-date and productive. Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, they have been consolidating their expertise since the early days. 

We chat to Caroline Edney-Burchell, director at JC Designs Ltd, who explains how working with an expert IT company can keep your business running smoothly. 

Q: What services can software specialists offer clients? 

Employee working at desk at JC Designs Ltd

As well as implementing and maintaining new bespoke systems, JC Designs Ltd can ensure that older legacy systems still run smoothly. - Credit: JC Designs Ltd

A: We provide a wide range of cloud-based systems, Microsoft 365 upgrades and network support. Our services include technical support, on-site visits and help desk assistance. We keep an eye on the latest technologies and create bespoke systems for clients centred on usability and productivity. 

We also understand that many businesses have legacy systems, in which the cost of replacement outweighs the benefit. Our staff are completely up to date with older and more recent programmes and take part in regular training courses to refine their knowledge, so they can recommend the best course of action for you.  

Q: What do businesses have to gain by working with a company like JC Designs? 

A: Our clients are centred in the South East, and range from veterinary practices, to construction firms, architects and insurance companies. In such a variety of sectors, businesses will obviously have priorities other than maintaining and upgrading their software. 

We fully believe that it’s the specialist’s responsibility is to ease the burdens that IT setups can have on company resources, staff downtime and recurring technical issues. We focus on making our clients’ lives easier by tackling any challenges posed by their technology, and making their internal systems work smarter for them. 

Headset on a keyboard at JC Designs Ltd, Essex

JC Designs Ltd work with clients as part of their team, offering sound advice and expertise on software decisions. - Credit: JC Designs Ltd

Q: How do software specialists function on a day-to-day basis? 

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A: We become a part of your team rather than just an external IT department. We establish a symbiotic relationship with our clients, to ensure they have a point of contact for any issues that may arise. We also hold regular meetings to discuss any queries or raise any points of interest. 

We can advise what to do if a piece of equipment consistently malfunctions, or an application isn’t working properly. These aren’t simply suggestions to replace it with something more expensive, but tailored solutions that will provide the best outcome for the respective client. 

Employee speaks to client over the phone at JC Designs Ltd, Braintree

Clients of JC Designs Ltd receive monthly breakdowns of all calls taken, the issues that were resolved and detailed analysis on potential problems. - Credit: JC Designs Ltd

Q: What sets bespoke software specialists apart from other IT support providers? 

A: Companies can expect a far more personalised experience, and very swift response times. Reliability is also a major factor in why prospective clients look towards IT support specialists and software developers.  

In the case of JC Designs, we have a total open book policy on calls that come through to us. We record them on our own internal system, so that any client gets a complete monthly breakdown of the issues that have arisen and how they were resolved. We can then both analyse the results to make long term improvements and avoid any further disruptions.  

To discuss anything IT or support related, visit or give Caroline a call on 0345 2727878.