Leading Cyber Professionals: Practical seminars to strengthen your cyber security process

These seminars will arm you with the skills needed to protect your businesses from cyber attacks

These seminars will arm you with the skills needed to protect your businesses from cyber attacks - Credit: Archant

The Cyber Bites – Lunch & Learn at C11 Cyber Security and Digital Centre are designed to arm you with the skills you need to protect your businesses from cyber attacks, packed full of practical solutions and exercises that will prepare you for a variety of situations in just a few hours

Business Continuity

Thursday May 17

Led by Jasvinder Mahrra

Business continuity is an essential requirement in the event of any event or incident affecting the regular operation of your organisation.

With the scale and frequency of cyber attacks against businesses, understanding how to test your plans for business continuity is a necessary yet neglected aspect among many organisations.

Jasvinder Mahrra is an experienced practitioner of scenario exercises, and as part of the seminar, will deliver a table-top exercise that will raise awareness of planning, procedures and decision-making processes you’ll need to consider to ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber incident.

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Jasvinder has a background in risk and resilience. Before joining ReSolve Cyber, Jas was both Head of Operations and a published Senior Research Fellow at a not-for-profit organisation based at University College London, focusing on security, resilience and strategy. Prior to this, she launched and ran a successful consultancy business for six years in the emerging market for resilience, delivering a range of services to local government, transnational corporations, major financial institutions and UK government.


Risk Reduction:

Practical Solutions

Thursday June 21

Led by Dr Danny Steed

With frequent news stories of the latest cyber-attacks, court cases on personal privacy and seemingly unending revelations of data breaches compromising your personal data, you could be forgiven in thinking that achieving security in cyber is impossible. However, you can take very reasonable and simple steps to raise the bar of your business’s security and remove it from more than 90% of attack methods.

Dr Danny Steed will take you through a range of practical available for organisations to put in place to reduce risk. By exploring the practical solutions available you can learn immediately how to harden your own security.

Danny has a background in academia and has worked for the UK government After completing his PhD in 2012, Danny was appointed Lecturer of Strategy and Defence at the University of Exeter, where he helped to build the nascent Strategy and Security Institute, before joining the Cabinet office in operational cyber security, where he served for 2 years in both Operational and Incident Management. Danny was recently contracted to write a second book, The Politics and Technology Of Cyber Security, which is due to be released in winter 2018.


The Human Dimension

Culture and Cyber Security

Thursday July 19

Led by Jim Wheeler

A great temptation in cyber security is to focus exclusively on technology, but the human element can be just as important.

Jim Wheeler, CEO of ReSolve Cyber, will use his extensive experience to show you what good and bad looks like in a business culture on cyber security. Importantly, Jim will provide best practice advice on how to change and drive a cyber-aware culture throughout your business.

Jim spent eight years at the cutting edge of cyber security for UK government working on cyber operations. He is the only person (to date) to qualify and work as a security specialist in cyber, physical security, electronic security, digital forensics and data acquisition.

He has managed fast-paced responses to international cyber incidents and was part of the crisis management team on one of the largest breaches in the UK.

For more information, visit the C11 Cyber Security and Digital Centre website here.

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