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Development outsourcing is changing

Development outsourcing is changing - Credit: Archant

Is it time to be more resourceful? Development outsourcing is changing, but how? Paul Lawrence, CEO of Salpo Technologies, explains

When it comes to outsourcing, it’s all about the bottom line. Or is it? Smart businesses are waking up to the many other benefits of scalable, on-demand software development resource.

It’s long been fashionable to lament the failings of outsourcing. From low-quality output and deadline shifting, to poor communication and questionable work ethics; we’ve all heard the horror stories. The truth is, these issues can plague in-house teams too. So, think beyond the negativity before you dismiss software development outsourcing. Consider what you might be missing and how to get it right.

Take control of your projects

Businesses often fear losing control through outsourcing but the reality can provide far greater control. Outsourcing software development gives you the flexibility and agility to match skills and resources to your needs. You can quickly respond to an expanding project or scale back when your requirements change. This scalable resource model also enables quick deployment, helping you meet deadlines and avoid expensive overruns.

Fill your skills gaps

While in-house excellence is the dream for most businesses, it’s rarely achievable, much less sustainable. In an ever-changing tech landscape, keeping pace with the latest technologies and languages is tough, while recruiting and retaining top-tier talent is even tougher. Outsourcing these hard-to-find skills allows businesses to raise the bar on what can be achieved and harness the power of an experienced development team. The result is leading-edge quality, custom software and enterprise-grade apps, without the cost of recruitment and additional hardware.

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Choose your partner wisely

The critical factor is finding the right team to manage and deliver your projects, either in-house or in partnership with an external provider. Outsourcing needn’t be an either/or choice. You can use a blended model that pairs your core team with a partner who can plug the gaps with specialist knowledge, experience and skills.

Central to this relationship is an accessible, experienced and detail-oriented project manager. As the interface between you and the core development team, they can make or break the relationship. They should perfectly understand your project and its scope, along with your expectations. Ask for examples of previous work, backed up by tight project plans and robust processes.

While the benefits of outsourcing are clear, it isn’t right for everyone. Ironically, those looking purely for cost savings will ultimately be disappointed. The biggest gains come from finding a long-term partner who can align with your broader business goals and deliver consistent results, on time and within budget. Once you’ve found the perfect match, be guided by their expertise and reap the rewards.

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