12 photographs that capture the true beauty of Arnside

Arnside from the Knott by David Ashmore

Arnside from the Knott by David Ashmore - Credit: Archant

Head over to one of the hidden gems of the North West coast.

Arnside lies is on the far North East corner of Morecambe Bay, where the rivers Kent, Leven and Bela meet the incoming tides. The area has become a popular area for tourists and photographers over the years as it a place of tranquillity and beauty.

The geography of the coast here means that the low tides provide impressive panoramas, on the other end of the scale the high tides can result in what is know as the Arnside Bore, a tidal wave that is caused by by the leading edge of the incoming tide being forced through a narrowing bay causing a wave against the direction of the bay’s current.

Arnside Knott towers over the area at over 500 feet and the views of the coast are breathtaking, you can experience fantastic sunrises and sunsets across Morecambe Bay. The Arnside Viaduct is 500 metres long and carries trains over the River Kent to the southern part of the Lake District.

Wildlife is also in abundance here, with many birds visiting the area, all year round. You can make a day of photographing by visiting nearby Silverdale which is also a popular place to visit.

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