12 photos that capture the true beauty of Heysham

St Patrick's Chapel, Heysham by Karol Gajewski

St Patrick's Chapel, Heysham by Karol Gajewski - Credit: Archant

Most think of the power plants when asked about Heysham, but the area is still very much a place with natural beauty.

The panoramic views overlooking Half Moon Bay from Heysham Head are impressive and you can also see across Morecambe Bay and as far as the peaks in the Lake District on a good day. In fact the view inspired JMW Turner to paint the scene in 1818 painting Heysham and Cumberland Mountains.

History buffs can explore the historic St Patricks Chapel and the mysterious graves hewn into the rock, and you can also pay a visit to the historic St Peter’s church.

One reason many people may not have visited Heysham in the past is the location and transport links to the coastal town, but the good news is that getting there will be a lot easier with the recent opening of the M6 link road.

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