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Susan Turner and Michelle Smith

Susan Turner and Michelle Smith - Credit: Archant

Hadley Books is an antiquarian and second-hand book shop in Harwich. Owner Peter J Hadley talks to us about his love of books and bookshops

Tell us more about Hadley Books

I started bookselling at university to supplement my grant and faced with a choice between teaching and bookselling, I chose the latter. The business has been based in Ludlow, Norwich and for the last 12 years in Harwich, although over the years it has also grown more reliant on the fixed space of the internet. People don’t seem to have the time to browse these days, while the ease of mail order makes it irresistible to most. Many bookshops have converted entirely to internet selling and yet there is a feeling that shops may have their day in the sun again.

Other than Hadley Books, what other bookshops do you love?

Two bookshops that I love are G David in Cambridge and Ken Spelman in York. Both of these traditional Open Shops (with reliable hours) combine antiquarian, academic titles alongside publishers’ returns and remainders with such skill that a short visit is impossible. They are the closest we have to combining new and antiquarian titles which has to be a browser’s and booklover’s dream. Keeping such a diverse stock req uires very hard work. The recently bankrupt Dutch chain Der Slegte also attempted this mix and are much missed.

Which three books would you take to a desert island?

The thought of a desert island fills me with horror, but given the amount of time available it would have to be books that would merit re-reading and closer examination. Having taught Moby Dick once and seen the group size shrink in number as the sessions went on, I would choose this in the hope that the time spent meant I may be able to convey my enthusiasm better. James Joyce’s Ulysses would be another choice because there is always something new to discover, particularly when read aloud. I guess my final choice would be The Bible. I can’t remember when I last picked it up, but it’s the source often of much that we love in both story and language.The Enemy Within by Gary Nott

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Gary Nott is a head teacher from xx. The Enemy Within is his first novel.


With The Enemy Within by Gary Nott

Gary Nott has conjured up a hot seventies summer, with a mystery at its heart that will have readers guessing. A summer circus coming to town has a group of four friends excited, until things start to go wrong and the children find themselves investigating the cause of a series of incidents that put lives in danger. The influence of Enid Blyton is clear, but the stakes are higher here. The Enemy Within is a great little mystery that will appeal to readers of all ages.

Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Release Date: June 2015

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 9781784650469

REVIEW The Truffleys by Susan Turner and Michelle Smith

Susan Turner and Michelle Smith are a mother and daughter writing team from Waltham Abbey

The Truffleys is an unusual story, the likes of which you have probably never read before. Telling the story of a small group of elfin leaders who live in the forest, it follows their battle against the Outsiders, who are intent on stealing their precious food stuff. This is only a short story, so is a perfect fantasy tale for children. There’s a message to think about and the book is the perfect start to what is sure to become a series of stories about the Truffleys.

Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Release Date: June 2015

Price: £5.99

ISBN: 9781907552687