Interior Trends for 2015

Betta Living

Betta Living - Credit: Archant

Interior design trends seem to disappear as soon as they arrive, making way for brand new inspirations, styles and colour palettes. 2015 will be no exception, with certain trends already making waves!

Betta Living - Brights

Betta Living - Brights - Credit: Archant

Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2015

Say hello to Marsala, a soft and earthy wine red that will give your home a bit of extra oomph in 2015. Depending on the effect you want to create, you could paint a room in Marsala for a touch of warm, understated drama, or include it in your home more subtly – Marsala-toned cushions, lamps and furniture are already making an appearance.

A blast from the past

Trends don’t just come and go, they also return to inspire modern looks for years to come. 2015 in particular looks set to ring in a 60s/70s revival, seeing a colour palette of rusted orange, mustard yellow and classic, muted lime green appear alongside retro-look furniture. For extra authenticity, invest in items like a vintage radio and rotary dial telephone.


Neutral colours are classic, not to mention easy to hunt down and style. And the best part? There is no shortage of ways you can create the look in your own home.

Create your ideal colour palette from off-whites, pebble greys, pastel browns, olive greens and even soft purples, incorporating your chosen combination into everything from paint to furnishings. Chairs and tables in pale woods make a great compliment, and if you’re feeling adventurous, bare floorboards painted white.

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While some people prefer natural neutrals, others go bonkers for brights. There has been a distinct move towards more adventurous interiors thanks to bloggers like Bright Bazaar, who have proven that colour doesn’t have to be garish. All you need to do is carefully consider where you want your colour to sit, rather than turn your whole home into a Warhol painting (minus the charm).

Chic and stylish bathrooms

Gone are the boring blue and white tiled bathrooms of yore, and increasing in popularity are those with a concentrated dose of design flare. You could take inspiration from five star hotels by employing marble and waterfall taps, or create a cosy country cottage-style bathroom by painting your furniture white, adding a wall of floral wallpaper and a freestanding roll top bath for a dainty look.

On the other hand, you might want a modern-contemporary space that utilises deep blue or grey paint, on either the walls or bathroom furniture.

The natural world

The natural world is featuring heavily in upcoming interior collections, with stags, foxes, birds and feathers adorning cushions, bedding and even wallpaper. It doesn’t stop there, either – you could incorporate the trend using textures, colours and decorative objects inspired by the great outdoors. We particularly love furniture made from dark, rough and ready wood, woollen throw blankets, pale green and grey paints, and accessories like animal ornaments.

If you’re giving your home a makeover in 2015, which will be your interior trend of choice? Check out the ranges on offer at your local Sheffield showroom to find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.