JORVIK Viking Centre is back open for a socially-distanced Viking experience!

JORVIK Viking Centre

JORVIK Viking Centre - Credit: Archant

The world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre in York has thrown open its doors to welcome visitors back after the coronavirus closure.

JORVIK Viking Centre

JORVIK Viking Centre - Credit: Archant

York’s original Viking encounter now has plenty of safety and social distancing procedures in place, whilst remaining a brilliant immersive visit. The sights, sounds and of course smells of Viking-age York are still creating a wonderful family experience.

One of the most positive changes is that the attraction’s queue has disappeared! Regular visitors to York might know how JORVIK’s queue can stretch all the way around St Mary’s Square. Pre-booking is now essential, so you only have to wait for five minutes before entering for your guaranteed time slot.

JORVIK is also limiting how many people can visit, to make sure social distancing is maintained. “As people return to leisure attractions, we know they want to have a fun and pleasant time, without having to worry about their safety,” says Sarah Maltby, Director of Attractions for the JORVIK Group. “So we’ve made sure that JORVIK will be a relaxed, socially-distanced experience, with plenty of room for everyone to move around and learn about the Viking Age.”

As well as limiting visitor numbers and ensuring 2-metre social distancing inside, visitors will find regular hand-gel points, and can be reassured that the attraction is consistently and thoroughly cleaned – from its Viking huts to its cutting-edge artefact display cases!

The attraction has been planning its safety measures for weeks. “From the moment we had to close, we began working behind the scenes to prepare for reopening!” says Sarah. “There was a lot to think about, but we’re confident that we’ve covered every angle to keep our visitors and staff safe. Of course we may have to make further adjustments as we get used to ‘the new normal’, and we hope our visitors will be patient if things aren’t perfect first time round.”

“We’re just thrilled that we can once again offer an in-depth, immersive experience of Viking-age York.”

Some visitors may not have returned to JORVIK since its multi-million pound redevelopment in 2017, following the catastrophic flooding of Christmas 2015. While York is quieter, before international visitors return, this summer is a great opportunity to find out what’s new.

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The attraction begins with an exploration of the Coppergate dig, the 1980s excavation that revealed the Viking city under a car park.

Then visitors will go on the famous JORVIK ride experience, which takes you back in time and through a reconstruction of the 11th-century settlement – complete with Viking characters and a full smell-scape!

There is then the chance to see 1000 year-old artefacts from York’s Viking era, with the remarkable preservation that made the Coppergate excavation famous around the world and told us so much about the Viking period.

Throughout JORVIK, visitors will meet real-life Vikings who have a wealth of information about Norse lifestyles, history and culture.

Pre-booking is essential, and available now online. Visitors can also read more about the attraction’s new safety policies.

For a true York history fix, visitors can buy a Triple Ticket that includes JORVIK Viking Centre, Barley Hall and DIG: An Archaeological Adventure.

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