Malagor Thai

Malagor Thai

Malagor Thai - Credit: Archant

Malagor is named after the Thai fruit papaya. Papaya is one of the most important ingredients in Thai cuisine.

It is used in so many Thai dishes and those who have travelled to Thailand will

recognise it from our most popular salad; ‘somtum’, which is a spicy green papaya salad.


Our restaurant is the traditional taste of original Thai cuisine. We would like to present to you our fresh, healthy, fragrant dishes, made only from authentic Thai ingredients and herbs.


Our restaurant’s mission is to provide top quality Thai cuisine, and so our chefs do not add common additives such as MSG.

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In Thailand, our society is centred around family and food, and therefore it is no surprise that our culture is for family and friends to join together and share dishes. Starters, curries, stir fry dishes and steaks, would all be served, along with a big bowl of soup to share and enjoy.


We believes not only in delicious food without MSG but fresh, healthy ingredients in our homemade food with family’s recipes. Not sure what to choose? Why not try our banquet menus where you receive all dishes in the menu to share. They have been specially selected to combine different styles and flavours so you can sample many different Thai dishes


Malagor restaurant has been carefully designed to suit all occasions. Our aim is to create a warm, inviting environment to enjoy delicious Thai food in, whether you are here as a couple, with family or friends, or enjoying a group celebration.


Malagor is split into four areas:






There are no rules to what dish you have or when, as long as there is food and drinks on the table, and people enjoying themselves.


We hope you will enjoy your experience with us, so come down with friends and family, sit down, relax, and enjoy the traditional Thai taste of Malagor.