Savvy storage planning for your home

Foldaway bed

Foldaway bed - Credit: Archant

Is it time to consider your home’s functionality?

Sliding door wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes - Credit: Archant

There’s nothing quite like a lock-down to make us take stock of how well our homes function. As homes burst at the seams with full households and their accompanying school work, temporary work stations and new hobbies, the need for space, both physically and mentally, has never been greater.

You may already have a few ideas in mind on how to improve your living space once life returns to some semblance of normality, and some of those plans you can actually start to action now. Clearing the clutter and spring-cleaning are constructive ways to prepare the groundwork for more extensive improvement plans, for both optimising your space, as well as upgrading the feel and look of your home.

Stylish storage solutions

Stylish storage solutions - Credit: Archant

Hartleys of Skipton specialise in smart space solutions. For over 35 years, the successful firm of furniture makers has been creating imaginative designs which get right to the heart of how their customers’ homes work.

’An untidy and disorganised home causes stress and tensions, especially during these unprecedented times.’’ says Hartleys’ Sara Haggas. ‘’Our ergonomic furniture designs are bespoke to each room and customer, so space is attributed to where it’s needed and clutter is much slower to rebuild.’’ The result is a more harmonious home where everything has its own place.

Home office

Home office - Credit: Archant

So in the true spirit of spring and new beginnings, prepare to bring a smart and functional new tone to your home with Hartleys’ savvy storage ideas and tailored furniture solutions. Even the most unpromising living areas may be ripe for transformation.

Turn a poorly-functioning, cluttered spare room into a handy guest room with additional wardrobe space for general storage overflow, or if working from home becomes more suitable to your lifestyle, how about a bespoke home study? A fitted corner desk, cupboards and shelving, all designed and crafted for your specific way of working, could increase your productivity many times over (as well as your enjoyment!).

Stylish storage solutions

Stylish storage solutions - Credit: Archant

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If you can’t decide between a home study and a guest bedroom, how about a combination of the two. Multi-functional furniture, such as our fold-down bed means a totally versatile lifestyle. Tucked away behind wardrobe doors when not in use, you have a spacious and uncluttered work area for the daytime. Come the end of the day, the bed folds down easily and in seconds for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Crafting better bedrooms is what Hartleys love to do. Whether your space includes chimney breasts, beams or jutting window sills, their design expertise embraces these features to enhance your room both functionally and aesthetically.

Sara comments, ‘’Enquiries about attic conversions are on the rise in the current circumstances, with home owners realising the potential this space could unlock. A fitted storage solution is ideal to hug sloping ceilings and fully maximise the space.’’

Overhead storage is an option if you’re tight on space, as are stable door designs, which sit flush to dressing tables or other low units so that no space is wasted. Sliding wardrobes mean chic and seamless wall to wall, floor to ceiling storage, always with your specific choice of interiors.

Whilst Hartleys’ expertise lies in fitted furniture, they also craft bespoke freestanding wardrobes and units, so if you like to change your furniture frequently, or need a less permanent option, Hartleys’ design and manufacturing capabilities mean there’s the perfect storage solution available for you too.

Offering a wide range of finishes perfect for a spring spruce-up, Hartleys would usually invite you to visit their extensive showroom in Skipton, however in the current climate, they ask you to visit their website at and to contact them via their ‘Contact Us’ page with any enquiries.

You can also take a virtual tour of the showroom at Hartleys look forward to seeing you when the time is right.

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