Handmade and individually painted accessories from Hampshire’s Ping and Lily

Ping and Lily

Ping and Lily - Credit: Archant

Head to the workshop - both real and virtual - of Ping and Lily and you will discover a truly eclectic mix of toys, accessories and crafts created from textiles, wood and their wild imagination

How often in this homogenised mass-produced buy-one-get-one-free world do we see the word unique? If you are working and buying within the arts and crafts industries, the chances are quite often – but probably still not as often as you would like.

So we love these handmade, hand felted and individually painted accessories from Hampshire’s Ping and Lily.

The pair live near Winchester and met at antenatal classes more than 14 years ago when they continued their friendship with weekly sessions of freehand machine embroidery and chat about their love of arts and crafts. Ping did a Fine Art degree and went on to make haute couture handbags, while Lily did a degree in cabinetmaking, making one-off bespoke wooden furniture (she still continues to do smaller projects in wood).

Now they have a booming business and their own workshop (which is open to the public on Thursdays – although they do warn you to call ahead first) is where you can see work being created. Each piece is individually handcrafted with careful thought given to materials, effect and finish. Their inspiration comes from their love of nature, walking with their dogs, from stories and their children.



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