Stand out from the crowd: how to create a truly unique stone kitchen countertop

2022 kitchen trends include using Verde Cipollino Statuarietto marble for kitchen countertops and upstands.

The latest kitchen trends are seeing homeowners move away from using beige or speckled granite worktops, instead opting for bolder colours and rarer stones, like this Verde Cipollino Statuarietto marble. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE, photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd

We’re peeling back the blinds to take a peek at 2022’s latest kitchen trends and asking the experts what you need to know to design a distinguished stone worktop.

In our interview with Steve Vanhinsbergh, from stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke, we learn how kitchen trends are changing and what it takes to design a kitchen that’s got your style stamped all over it.

Q: How do I begin my kitchen remodel?

A: The best place to start is by choosing the colour, material and cut for your worktops. As one of the main features of your new kitchen, it’s an element that is crucial to get right. Once you’ve made that decision, the rest of the room will come together.

Q: How can I decide which size, style and colour of stone are best for my kitchen?

A: Consider the layout of the space for guidance on what size countertop will work best. There are limits to the size of stone that can be transported and installed in one piece, which is why it’s best to seek advice first for designs such as large islands.

Black and white marble kitchen countertop from stoneCIRCLE stonemasonry in Newbury

The natural charm and beauty of stunning marbles like Arabescato are leading to more and more people choosing this stone for their kitchen worktops and splashback. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

To find a colour you like, I recommend visiting our showroom. A member of our team can discuss what stone options are available based on your preferences.

Q: What else will I need to consider when choosing a new countertop?

A: Once you’ve chosen the stone you want to use, you’ll need to decide on the edge profile. A rounded edge will offer a softer appearance that suits more traditional designs. Bevel or straight-edges provide a clean-cut look that’s better suited to open-plan or contemporary living spaces.

It’s also best to figure out any extra details before we install your worktops. Carved drainer grooves reduce water collecting on the counter. Fitting upstands or splashbacks in a matching stone will accentuate the overall finish of your kitchen. You can also install built-in sockets and mobile charger units. These are ideal for homeworkers and families.

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Once we’ve agreed on the design, we’ll visit your home to draw up a detailed template, ensuring the fit of the countertops is exactly right for the space you have in mind.

Q: How are kitchen worktop trends changing in 2022?

A: As people’s interest and confidence in interior design have grown, we’re seeing an increasing number of clients opting for bolder colour choices, exploring a wider range of stones and materials, and looking for ways to make their kitchen stand out.

Rare granite natural stone countertop from stonemasonry stoneCIRCLE in Basingstoke

Rare granites, like Blue Fusion, are in high demand and ideal for kitchen countertops as they are hardwearing and long-lasting. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE, photography by Marco Joe Fazio Ltd

Our clients are moving away from beige and/or speckled granite and quartz worktops, instead choosing luxurious marble, quartzite and rarer granites. These may cost a bit more but are worth it if you really want to create that wow factor. Stone is an ideal material to experiment with as there are many types, colours and veining to choose from, so you can design a worktop to suit your kitchen perfectly.

Q: What are the most popular stone choices for kitchen countertops in 2022?

A: Clients' three top trending stones for countertops this year are:

  1. Rare granites – granite is a tough, durable material, ideal to use in your kitchen as it can withstand daily wear and tear. Blue Fusion Leather and Giallo Veneziano granite are two distinctive shades in high demand at the moment. 
  2. Luxurious quartzites - quartzite retains its colour even after many years, meaning your kitchen will stay looking at its best. It’s also heat resistant and easy to clean. The frosty Bianco Eclipsia quartzite is one of our most popular tones.
  3. Stunning marbles - marble is being used in the kitchen more and more. It’s a softer stone, whose colours fade over time to create a rich patina that only adds to the stone’s charm and beauty. Arabescato and Verde Cipollino marble worktops are very on-trend at the moment.
Bianco Eclipsia quartzite kitchen island from stoneCIRCLE stonemasonry in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Luxurious quartzites like Bianco-Eclipsia retain their colour for many years, so are great for designing a kitchen that will stand the test of time. - Credit: stoneCIRCLE

Q: How can stoneCIRCLE help me redesign my kitchen?

A: We’ve worked in the stone industry since 1968 and have decades of experience to help you create a truly bespoke and outstanding kitchen. We can inform you of the latest trends and direct you towards what type of stone will best suit your tastes, needs and budget.

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