Artist James Merriott takes us on a tour around the beautiful village of Dedham on the banks of the River Stour

Among my own collection of paintings by other artists are a number by ‘James Fletcher Watson’ R.I. RBA (1914-2004)

I adore the sheer brilliance of his watercolours and I love one work in particular because it was painted in my much-appreciated Dedham, ‘A Yard at the back of High Street shops, opposite the Church’.

Like many others, I regard James to be among the best watercolourists of all time and he had a wonderful gift of finding subject matter. As such, he was able to complete his works by portraying superb atmospheric feeling.

With many such locations ‘crying out’ to be painted in Dedham, it has been a truly great thrill to produce my own rendition of these six subjects selected.

Fuel for them all has been the inspiration from the very great ‘James Fletcher Watson’. I hope you appreciate them as much as I did painting them.


For your chance to win James’ original painting, High Street, click here.

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You can contact James at Cottage Corner Art, 9 Byron Road, Hutton, Brentwood, CM13 2RU. Call 01277 210 728 or email to make an appointment.