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Win a watercolour painting of Great Leighs in Essex

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Watercolours of Great and Little Leighs

James Merriott explores this pretty village parish between Chelmsford and Braintree

In complete contrast to Great Leighs, that I have visited many times, Little Leighs was a new experience for me and what a beautiful experience it was.

On a lovely sunny day last October, when I visited with my daughter Julie who takes the photographs I need to work from, we found the church, churchyard and surrounding cottages breathtakingly beautiful. It was a very easy to choose the subjects for this publication.

Moving on to Great Leighs, the picturesque village post office was also an easy choice and left just the unique St. Mary’s Church, with its magnificent round tower, to complete my selections for painting.

It all added up to a wonderful day visiting Great and little Leighs, with thoughts given to the other churches with round towers in the county. They can be found at Broomfield, South Ockendon, Bardfield Saling, Lamarsh and Pentlow.

St Mary’s Church Great Leighs

The Yew trees adorning the churchyard ‘block in’ the beautiful church superbly

Great Leighs Post Office

A colourful composition with the red post box next to the blue door and black window frames within white plasterwork

St Mary’s Round Tower

What I love most about round towers, the shadow side being maximised with dark colours, contrasting with effective sunlight

St John The Evangelist Church

Covering the church, perhaps the clear blue sky was the most satisfying part of the watercolour

St. John’s Churchyard

The shape of the large tree and tree trunk set behind sparkling sunlight appealed to me as a perfect composition

Cottages at Little Leighs

I loved the open yellow door of Ludlum Cottage. Little things can add so much


For your chance to win James’ original painting, Great Leighs Post Office, click here.

Competition closes 6pm on January 22nd, 2024.

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