Essex tops the InstaDad chart for the most active fathers on Instagram

Essex tops the InstaDad chart as the county with the most active dads on Instagram

Essex tops the InstaDad chart - Credit: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

A new social media study has revealed the nation’s top spots for InstaDads - and Essex tops the charts.

Ahead of Father’s Day on 20 June 2021, the analysis, undertaken by gifts and gadgets retailer Menkind, delved into Instagram hashtag data to see where #DadLife content gets shared and liked the most in the UK.

Essex tops the InstaDad chart 

The new study analysed publicly available Instagram posts from the last three months based on their geo-location tags, and crunched the numbers on the top UK regions, counties and cities where dads share fatherhood related content the most.

Essex tops the chart as the county with the most active InstaDads, who post most about dad life or are featured on their families’ feeds.

Essex fathers and father-figures are also the second most 'liked' in the country, after dads from Leicestershire, who lead at the number of InstaLikes for dad-related content. 

London dads also love snapping their proudest dad moments, coming in second for the number of dad-related posts, and sixth when it comes to the most liked Insta content.

Relative to the size of the population, however, Essex dads come third in the Menkind rankings per 1,000 county residents, with Northumberland and Southampton dads splitting the podium. Nevertheless, Essex dads still share a whopping 95 times more family content on Instagram than Londoners.

Essex dads in Instagram are some of the most active Instadads in the UK

Essex Instadads - Credit: Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

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Menkind analysed the last three months of publicly available posts on Instagram which used at least one of the top 10 most popular dad-life hashtags in the UK, which were: 

  1. #dad
  2. #fatherdaughter
  3. #daddy
  4. #dadlife
  5. #dads
  6. #father
  7. #fathers
  8. #fatherhood
  9. #fatherandson
  10. #fatherson 

Menkind then selected the public posts with geo location tags only, and crunched the numbers on their UK locations, analysing data per region, county and city.

Ranking were calculated according to the volume of dad-related Instagram posts, likes and volume of posts relative to population size.

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