Are these fields near the Peak District, the selfie locations of the summer?

The sunflowers are situated next to a pretty wildflower meadow.

The sunflowers are situated next to a pretty wildflower meadow. - Credit: Zoe Silcock

Sunflower fields on the edge of the Peak District could be the selfie location of the summer.

Oaktree Farm, to the south of Sheffield has been a destination for many families in the past few years and now there is a new reason to visit. 

The farm has become a popular spot in the autumn with their 'Pick Your Own Pumpkin' venture and have even diversified to selling logs and eggs. 

 But now the 'Village' brand has expanded to 'Pick Your Own Sunflowers' 

The two acre site on the farm is set become Derbyshire's Instagram location of the summer with a landscape that includes massive fields of six types of sunflowers and a wildflower meadow. 

They also have some farm animals on site, so your young ones can also feed the hens or visit the ducks or pay a visit to meet the resident pigs during the summer holidays. 

The sunflower season is a very short window and as the purpose of the attraction is to pick sunflowers then the opportunity to take that jaw-dropping selfie will only last a few weeks. 

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The Sunflower field is open daily from Friday 22nd July and right through August, between 10am – 7pm.  

Adults admission is £3 and children is £1, the cost of taking a sunflower home is £1 each or $5 for a bundle of six. Parking at the site is free.

The closest postcode to the location is S41 9RS, but your sat nav will take you to the Barlow side of the B5061. If you do end up in Barlow, follow the B5061 north to the location. 

The address is Village Pumpkins, Johnnygate Lane, Barlow this is searchable on Google and the entrance is displayed below.

Also on the same road is Barlow Sunflowers, another popular sunflower location. The turning for the entrance is just next to the RH Motors garage. They are open from 10 am until sunset every day throughout the summer. £3 per adult , under 10s are free & £1 per flower Find them on Facebook at

These photos are of Barlow Sunflowers located at Four Lane Ends, Barlow Road, S41 9RS. 

You can also pay to take your choice of sunflower home with you

You can also pay to take your choice of sunflower home with you - Credit: Emily Cupit

You can opt to take your sunflower photo within the frame on site

You can opt to take your sunflower photo within the frame on site - Credit: Mayen Maz

Both of these locations are close to the eastern edge of the Peak District, which means that a number of fantastic walks are not too far away. You can combine a few hours at the sunflower field with a walk in the beautiful countryside which will present you with some more fantastic photo opportunities.

Below is map showing the locations of both fields on the B6051.

Walks close to Village Sunflowers and Barlow Sunflowers

Curbar Edge
The start point of this walk to Curbar edge is a Calver Bridge which is just 20 minutes away by car from the farms.
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Padley Gorge
Visiting the  famous cascading river in the summer make this one of the most famous walks in the Peak District. The walk starts at Grindleford Station and although there isn't a train from the farms, the drive is just 20 minutes.
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Linacre Reservoirs
Just a few miles south of the farms, you will find the Linacre Reservoirs, another great walking destination for a warm summer day. Our route takes in the water's edge as well as woodland
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The images of sunflowers uploaded by the members of our Derbyshire and Peak District walks facebook group