Breath taking Cornish coastal locations to watch the sun rise

The sun rises over the ocean

Sunrise over the sea - Credit: Olga Subach, Unsplash

It’s the longest day of the year on Tuesday June 21 and these spots are perfect to welcome in the solstice.

The summer solstice is a magical time, where we will have a glorious 17 hours of daylight. Many will head over to Stone Henge to see the sun rise, but there are plenty of places closer to home where you watch the sun rise in an impressive manner.

Carlyon Bay

A gorgeous stretch of sand that is south facing and offers a perfect view of the sunrise. Pinks and oranges will paint the morning sky and create a stark contrast to the water below. The beach will be quiet at that time of the morning before getting busy in the afternoon.

Gyllyngvase Beach

A popular swimming and paddleboarding spot, this beach has a very different atmosphere in the early hours and is a great spot to watch the sunrise uninterrupted. 

Gylly Beach Swimmers

Whitsand Bay

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Take a walk along this perfect stretch of sand and stone that reaches from Rame Head to Portwrinkle. Head up the cliff for a truly remarkable view of the break of day, with purple streaks across the sky.


Down on the glorious Lizard Peninsula, this southernly point is a breathtaking spot to spend the summer solstice. Close your eyes and you'll hear water trickle down the rocks, then open them for a view like no other.

Coverack Morning Glory .... Cornwall


Finally, we have a gorgeous harbour that can be enjoyed the whole day round. The sunrise here is the perfect time to enjoy the sights of Fowey in peace before the lively chatter of the working harbour life takes hold throughout the day.

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