Bath named the most stylish city in UK

Several old buildings and a bridge are perfectly reflected in the Avon. Dusk is falling and golden lanterns light the scene

Bath is full of incredible sites, any time of day - Credit: Stewart Black, Flickr

We all knew Bath was stunning and full a beauty. Now, a study has revealed that it is the most stylish city in the UK. 

Using a unique system that looked at several aspects of each city - including culture, chicness, and future potential - a study has concluded that Bath is the most stylish city nationwide. Completed by the interior design company Dowsing & Reynolds, the study also found that Bath was best for cultural infrastructure and second in chicness. 

The Study

Dowsing & Reynolds are best known for their chic fittings and design products for your home. They come highly rated and have won multiple awards. During the pandemic, they recognised that many of us would be spending our holidays in the UK for the foreseeable future and decided to look into the best places our country has to offer.

They created an index which focused on the following criteria:

  • Cultural Infrastructure (listed buildings and museums)
  • Chicness (boutique hotels)
  • Interest in Style (online searches related to interior design)
  • Future Potential (number of and quality of interior design courses)

The Results

Bath was the overall winner across all categories but was also recognised as the city with most cultural infrastructure. The Somerset city narrowly missed on the added title of most chic to St Albans. But when it came to style, the North West pervaded as Salford and Chester took the top two spaces in that category.

You can read the full study here.

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Xander Shreenan, Interior Designer at Dowsing & Reynolds, commented:

"It’s well-known that our intrigue around interior design sky-rocketed during the UK’s multiple lockdowns, but interest has remained strong in these stunning cities. We’ve seen Salford residents search for ways to vamp up their living room lighting and design, while Cambridge locals favour upcycling their furniture.”

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