The Hairy Bikers Go North to explore the Yorkshire coast

The Hairy Bikers stand outside bright, colourful beach huts on a beach in Scarborough

In a pretty Scarborough beach hut, the pair make their final meal on their tour around Yorkshire's coast - Credit: BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast

The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, are back home in the north to undertake their most personal journey yet. Hitting the road once again, the duo are on a mission to discover the best of northern British food as they undertake an epic journey from west to east. The pair will explore these changing areas through restaurants, recipes and inventive new food entrepreneurs as they discover the northern producers revolutionising the British food scene.  

The Hairy Bikers stand with each other with Whitby in the background

The Hairy Bikers climb the 199 steps to enjoy smoked kippers with a view - Credit: BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast

Tune in to BBC 2 on Thursday 29th September at 8pm when The Hairy Bikers hit the Yorkshire coast as they start off at one of Scarborough’s beautiful beaches. While here, the bikers meet Jamie whose company is the first to farm seaweed offshore. SeaGrown came about not just for its gastronomic attraction, but also for its eco-friendly prospects. Before heading onto their next destination, the pair head to Scarborough Market to fill up their paniers with local ingredients.  

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Making their way to Whitby, the bikers check into their accommodation The Engine Shed – an old locomotive shed loving restored by a local Yorkshire architect. After settling into their accommodation, the pair ride to Aike to visit a family-run vineyard and winery - Laurel Vines. Due to their passion for making wines, Ian and his wife Ann, have managed to create some award-winning produces in just a few years. Inspired, the bikers ask if they can borrow the family’s kitchen to create something delicious. Prepare to have your tastebuds teased as they cook up Moules Marinieres, triple cooked chips and their own northern baguette. 

A huge bowl of Moules Mariniere

While in Aike, The Hairy Bikers take over the family kitchen at Laurel Vines to create something tasty - Credit: BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast

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Next on the agenda is the market town of Malton, known as the food capital of Yorkshire. Over the last decade, the town has enjoyed a food renaissance thanks to the award-winning independent artisan producers such as the Bluebird Bakery where the pair stop off for some delicious freshly baked bread. While in Talbot Yard, Si and Dave visit Frenchman Florian Poirot, a now adopted Yorkshireman, who shows them the art of making the perfect macaron.  

The Hairy Bikers stand outside Florian's macaron shop

Si and Dave learn how to make the most perfect, delicate macarons with French Yorkshireman, Florian - Credit: BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast

Onwards the pair go to visit the picturesque 16th-century fishing village, Robin Hood’s Bay, which was once infamous for smuggling but is now a popular tourist destination. After a little stroll around the bikers hunt for their own treasure – freshly caught langoustine to make a langoustine salad with the greatest ever Marie Rose sauce. 

Heading back to base in Whitby, Si and Dave tuck into Florian’s macarons with a classic cup of Yorkshire tea. The next morning, the pair head out to meet Barry, who is known for keeping the fires burning at Whitby’s legendary artisan smokehouse. Family-run business Fortune’s Kippers has been going since 1872, meaning they've been smoking kippers for over 149 years. These world-class kippers are made by smoking whole herring that have been butterflied and smoked in brine.

Ending their time on the Yorkshire coast back in Scarborough, the bikers pitch up at a picturesque beach hut to cook their final meal. Inspired by the seaweed seasoning produced by Jamie, they decide to cook a beer and miso BBQ chicken with some grilled marinated aubergine. 

The Hairy Bikers stand in front of black pool tower with their motorbikes

The Hairy Bikers return to their roots in the North - Credit: BBC/South Shore Productions/Jon Boast

The Hairy Bikers Go North has been produced for BBC Two by South Shore. Tune in at 8pm on Thursday 30th September on BBC Two to see The Hairy Bikers adventures through the grand Yorkshire coast.    

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