A video tour exploring the Saxon history of Bowdon

The Brereton Monument (c) James Balme, Tvpresenter4history

The Brereton Monument (c) James Balme, Tvpresenter4history - Credit: Archant

Join Cheshire Life’s History columnist James Balme as he visits The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Bowdon and explore the Saxon history of the area.

The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Bowdon, Cheshire has its roots way back in the mists of time and has much evidence of Saxon history. From the exterior the church looks like a stunning Victorian building with its sandstone facade but scratch just a little deeper below the surface and it soon becomes clear that it is a hotbed of history with evidence of Saxon and Medieval occupation right through until the present day.

The church stands on a high sandstone ridge and is visible from many parts of Cheshire, in archaic times this would have been a substantial vantage point and it is believed that the site itself would once have been used from the prehistoric period through to the bronze age and beyond. Join Cheshire Life history man James Balme as he takes us on another ‘History Walk’ into and around the church of St Mary in Bowdon to take a look at the wonders and treasures that remain of this great example of our local history that is right under our nose.

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