Cornish art exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery will focus on men who work at sea.

Cornwall-based artist Louisa Albani will be exhibiting at Falmouth Art Gallery considering the men who work at sea.

What We Heard From the Sea at Falmouth Art Gallery runs 11-16 May and forms part of the gallery's Limelight project.

The focus of the display links with the anthology theme of men who work at sea. The sea seems to me the last terrain that humans have not been able to command and control, and therefore requires those who work on it in the present day to be able to access a courage and survival instinct that most of us do not need to connect with in our 21st century daily lives

Louisa Albani has has also commissioned, illustrated and published an anthology, inspired by Cornwall, entitled What We Heard From the Sea (available at Falmouth Maritime Museum and Falmouth Art Gallery shops, as well as St Ives Booksellers and other retail outlets in Cornwall.