Cornwall's Pendennis Castle in Falmouth will welcome pillaging pirates as part of an event celebrating the Tall Ships Regatta


Pillaging pirates will take to the high-seas aboard the Mercedes’, an impressive vessel visiting for the Tall Ships Regatta - as they mount a cannon attack on Pendennis Castle in Falmouth.

The spectacle will be the centrepiece to Pirates Attack!’, a brand new show-stopping, action packed event at Pendennis from 27 – 29 August which celebrates the Castle’s piratical past. Recreating the thrills and fears of a pirate attack in the Elizabethan age, the event will take visitors back to the 16th century as Governor John Killigrew readies his Garrison for the onslaught.

Visitors will join the Garrison as they prepare for the marauding pirates to make their move on Pendennis. Over 50 pirates will be called upon to join the assault – attacking not only from the sea with cannons, but up the castle walls armed with ladders, muskets and grenades. With such salty characters as Mad Dick’ captain of the local Cornish Pirates, Al-Tonia –the foul wind of the sea’ leader of the exotic buccaneers, and Governor John Killigrew - himself a part-time pirate – this will be a riotous romp into the age of skulduggery.

'This event is going to be like nothing seen at Pendennis before,' promises Pendennis Castle Property Manager Wendy Amer. 'Not only will we be under attack from the sea, but our own castle cannons will be being put to use in defence, and the whole castle will be overrun by the scourge of the sea.


'This will be an unrivalled seaside spectacle, and one that will really bring history to life in a new and exciting way for all our visitors. There’s always a real buzz around the town when the Tall Ships is on, and we’re thrilled to be part of the celebrations this year. I can’t wait to mark it in such swashbuckling style'

Presiding over the entrance to Falmouth Harbour, the fortress of Pendennis Castle was built by Henry VIII to defend Britain against threats from France and Spain. Its pivotal position on the south coast has ensured the castle has its fair share of brushes with piracy over the centuries – but none more so than in the Elizabethan period under Governor John Killigrew.

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With control of both Arwennack House and Pendennis Castle, Killigrew notoriously used his office of Piracy Commissioner to maintain and trade with the pirates and smugglers who frequented the coast. Pirates Attack! joins the Governor after a serious falling out with his piratical associates.

Taking place from 27 – 29 August as part of the Tall Ships Regatta, Pirates Attack! promises to be a no-holds-barred day out of entertaining and exciting skulduggery for the whole family to enjoy – faint-hearted landlubbers beware!