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The Wild Futures' Monkey Sanctuary is found near Looe on the south coast of Cornwall

The Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary is found near Looe on the south coast of Cornwall and has been caring for unwanted and ex-pet monkeys for over 45 years. Initially rescuing South American woolly monkeys from the pet trade in the 1950s and 60s, it now cares for four different species of monkey; all rescued from the UK and international primate pet trades. Visitors can meet some of these characters, dependent on the stage of their rehabilitation, and keepers are on hand all day to talk about the Sanctuary’s work in rescue and rehabilitation, as well as informative talks on the charity’s wider work.

The Sanctuary, which boasts impressive sea views, also has beautiful woodland conservation gardens which act as a haven for native wildlife, as well as a myriad of colourful local plant species. The gardens encourage environmental awareness and also provide a peaceful place to sit, rest and reflect. Children can swing like monkeys in the play area and will also find lots of things to do in our activity room where they can make take part in arts and crafts.

Live footage of our lesser horseshoe bat colony is displayed through CCTV link from the cellar of the house. The bats have used the cellar under the house as a maternity roost for at least 20 years. Lesser horseshoe bats are endangered and native to the South West of England.

The award-winning Tree Top Caf� sells a delicious selection of locally produced and homemade vegetarian food, snacks and cakes. The gift shop employs an ethical buying policy in line with the organisation’s ethos.

Special events and workshops are carried out throughout the summer season – see website for more details.

Free parking, play and picnic areas on site.

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