While Pokémon Go may have got some kids active this summer, there is nothing like engaging with the great outdoors to rekindle their true sense of adventure.

Whether it is singing songs by a campfire, building a brilliant bug hotel, or being washed around by waves, if you would rather encourage the children to get a taste of the wild and ditch Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for a while this summer, here are our top tips for families to enjoy special time together:

Have a paint party in the woods: get those paws marvelously mucky in woodland surroundings and make a magical masterpiece while you’re at it

Enjoy story time in a magical cave: everyone loves mystical tales of crafty Cornish smugglers and King Arthur’s travels. Bring these tales of treasure troves and coastal coves alive this summer in an authentic environment

Put on a shadow puppet show: shadows are mysterious, captivating and fun. Get your creative cap on and craft a true seaside showdown, shadow puppetry style

Burn rubber then marshmallows: After burning some rubber on a coastal family bike ride, you can get toasty over the log fire and roast up and devour your fluffy delights

Sip hot chocolate in your wetsuit: warm up with a comforting hot chocolate after a wet and wild ocean adventure

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Pick at popcorn in your tent with midnight spooky storytelling tales: Enjoy salty popcorn saltwater style and make the most of Cornwall’s free lifestyle from the comfort of your very own beautiful beach retreat

Sing songs under shooting stars: Nothing beats the natural amphitheater of a starlit sky

Enjoy creature comforts by building a bug hotel: Go on, give nature a home, be it an extravagant mansion or a more humble abode, we’re sure they’ll be grateful!

Chase butterflies on the beach: be inspired by the fluttering beauty and freedom of these gorgeous creatures in the equally beautiful setting of the Cornish coast

Go doggy paddling with your furry friend: Be like your pet pooch and enjoy the simple things in life like a splashing seaside swim

For those lucky enough to have the beauty of Britain on their doorstep, there will be chances to pop out while the sun shines and at least try some of these fantastic adventures. However if you fancy them all in one place, with the added attractions of nights under canvas, BBQs on the beach, seaside safaris and watersport activities, then Trevornick in Cornwall is waiting for you.

The five star camping retreat, Trevornick, in North Cornwall celebrates the extraordinary in every day and loves nothing more than to see the whole family out in the great outdoors enjoying fun and discovery on the rugged Cornish clifftops that surround this five star coastal oasis.

Enveloped in sensational coastal territory, Trevornick, sets the scene for magical moments, making special memories for all. After all, no kid is going to remember the day they played video games all day or watched their favourite Peppa Pig episode!