Whether you’re starved of culture and heritage or hungry for new experiences, quench your thirst for adventure at Land’s End or Penn-an-Wlas


Located at the western-most point of mainland Cornwall and England, Land’s End is a legendary Cornish destination that has inspired people since ancient Greek times when it was referred to as Belerion’ – meaning place of the sun

Whether you’re starved of culture and heritage or hungry for new experiences, quench your thirst for adventure at Land’s End and follow in the footsteps of early 19th century visitors who travelled to the First and Last Inn before making the final stage of the journey to Penn-an-Wlas (Land’s End in Cornish) on horseback or foot along the narrow lanes.

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Christine, Visitor Centre Supervisor (Worked at Land’s End for 17 years)

"For me, Land’s End is unique and there is nowhere more beautiful in all of Cornwall. Greeb Farm is a must for both children and adults; it’s simply lovely and very tranquil."

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Phil, Attractions (Since 2001, Phil has worked four full seasons at Land’s End)

"The early morning views from the front of the hotel are a wonderful way to start your day at work. It’s so peaceful to watch the sea and on clear morning you can see the Isles of Scilly.

"I would recommend the 4D Film Experience because I think a lot of people have seen a 3D movie but they haven’t necessarily experienced the 4D element. It’s a really enjoyable thing to do on a day out at Land’s End."

Nick, Outside Catering Manager (Since 2012, Nick has worked one and a half seasons at Land’s End)

"My favourite thing about Land’s End? The people; the team at Land’s End are so friendly and welcoming, I feel like I’ve known them for ages, and too be honest they’re more like friends than colleagues.

"The restaurant, the view is lovely, the bar staff are friendly and welcoming and they serve some great food."

Heidi, Retail Supervisor (Worked at Land’s End for three years)

"My favourite thing about Land’s End is the people I work with across the whole site because we’re a really good team and all in all we get along really well.

"I don’t think everybody realises just how big Land’s End actually is so I would definitely recommend that visitors walk the whole site, not just the main square, and it’s also fantastic to see how Land’s End changes throughout the seasons."

Anneliese, Bar & Restaurant Manager (Worked at Land’s End for one year and six months)

"My favourite thing at Land’s End is definitely the weather; there’s nothing more amazing than watching the sea-mist roll in or watching the waves crashing against the rocks. What’s more the weather changes so speedily here; it’s amazing to watch!

"I know I am biased but I would recommend the restaurant, we have a superb range of products on the bar, the coffee is really good and I would especially recommend our new Aero-Mint hot chocolate which is really a divine drink."