Tegen Jewellery specialises in handmade pieces from either bespoke or designed by the customer, offering a unique gift


There is something magical about having bespoke jewellery - and Tegen Jewellery offers stunning designs and unique commissions

Tegen Jewellery specialises in handmade pieces from either bespoke or designed by the customer, offering a unique gift for a loved one - or even yourself.

I’ve always had a fascination with jewellery and from a very young age I was in my absolute element playing dressing-up’ in every item I could find in my mum’s jewellery box,’ admits Tegen Foote. Having come from a creative household with both my parents being talented in design, mum more on the fine art side and dad on the technical engineering, I have always been encouraged to draw, paint and create.’

She studied a National Diploma in Art and Design specialising in 3D which introduced herto working with metals, and led to the FDA Silver Smithing and Jewellery Design course at Plymouth University, based on the Truro College campus.


Lectures were all held in a workshop and with the majority of our time spent learning practical skills we were certainly encouraged to be as creative and extravagant as we liked; made easier by having enthusiastic tutors to guide us. I’ve always been drawn to colour, the brighter the better! I find using multiple pieces of jewellery a great way to brighten up any outfit.

My inspiration comes from so many things depending on my mood. I have always been intrigued by traditional tribal jewellery, stacks of bangles on each arm and rings on every finger and toe, but growing up on the beaches in Cornwall you can’t help but be inspired by the sea - my work is a mixture of styles. It has a very organic handmade quality with character and imperfections making it all the more unique! I love using turquoise; it reminds me of the best days of summer here in Cornwall or magical, shimmering seas when travelling abroad, however, my most favourite stone of all time is Opal. It’s so intriguing; this iridescent multicoloured rock is created by nature deep underground and every stone is completely different. I use a combination of raw uncut stones, cabochons and faceted stones set in sterling silver or gold to create pieces in various shapes, sizes and styles, all of which helps accommodate for different customer tastes,

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Much of my work is commission-based, I love making bespoke pieces that are personal and have meaning to the wearer. It also makes for some pretty interesting projects! Working with people to design something that they or a loved one can treasure forever is truly rewarding and doing a good hard day’s trade in the workshop creating a selection of beautiful, shiny colour filled treasures is incredibly satisfying, I basically just love being a jeweller!’